Project Description

This home presents a cohesive and stylish interior design, seamlessly blending stone looking tiles, distressed veneer panelling, and an eighty year old wood console mirror. The tangerine colour sofa adds richness and sophistication, while the wooden looking dining gives the required warmth. The green accent wall contributes timeless elegance. The varied textures and patterns of these materials create depth and character,resulting in visually striking and inviting spaces.

  • DATE
    Jagdish Lalwani
    952 sqft
    Santacruz, Mumbai

Enter the Master Bedroom and discover a serene blend of white with warm colours in the form of wallpaper, cork headboard. This bedroom creates a haven where you can escape the outside world and indulge in the luxurious comfort that comes with warm colours and carefully selected furnishing. A soothing and cozy atmosphere that invites you to relax and unwind.

The Common Bedroom showcase the essence of Eclectic style with its harmonious blend of natural elements,soothing colour pallete and exquisite details. The rich texture of organic materials create a warm and inviting ambience.

This renovation bid farewell to the precious dark and brutalist aesthetic,embracing a contrasting and captivating atmosphere. The ultimate goal was to create a space that exuded charm and allure while providing an uplifted living experience.